Over the years, I have helped many businesses strengthen their profiles in Italy. They keep coming back to me because I understand their needs and tailor my services to suit their requirements. Building long-lasting business relationships allows the companies and agencies I work with to get the most out of their translations
After all, if you have updated your website or manual, it would be more sensible – not to mention quicker and more cost effective – to hire the original translator to carry out the work, as they would maintain consistency with the previous publications.

Here is what some of my clients think of my work:

“We worked with Massimo on a project for a client that lasted almost two years. The subject matter was often very technical, but Massimo always provided quality translations and our client was always delighted with the results. Massimo is responsive, reliable and easy to work with – these are rare qualities in a freelance translator. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Heather Baker, CEO, TopLine Comms, UK

“We have worked with Massimo for several years now. In every instance, I have found the quality of his work to be extremely high. It is obvious that Massimo takes his work very seriously, researching the subject matter beforehand and asking any questions as and where necessary. Not only that: Massimo is highly reliable, always delivering his translations on time. It is a great pleasure to work with Massimo.”

David Barrett, Director, Barrett Translations Limited, UK

“Massimo is an excellent, friendly and professional individual to work with. His services exceed what is required from him, and his work without fail comes back quickly and most importantly accurately. Massimo is very accommodating to deadlines and has proved his worth a number of times. I highly recommend Massimo’s work and expect that he will prove to be a valuable asset to any project, time and time again.”

Kaz Sidhar, Account Manager, SmartSave, Metropolis International Group Limited, UK

“Massimo has worked with Logoscript, SL. as a freelance collaborator, he is part of our pool of collaborators since July 2003 and his work has always been timely and professional. He has carried out tasks of translation and we have never had problems in any aspect: quality, deliveries, communication, etc. The language combination in which we collaborate with him is English-Italian. He has participated in projects in the software, documentation and help localization fields. He is a very reliable resource and we hope to have a long-lasting collaboration relationship with him.”

Inés Delgado, Vendor Manager, Logoscript, Spain

“In my capacity as Account Executive, I have had the pleasure to work with Massimo on multiple projects. We have worked on projects of over 200,000 words under difficult deadlines. Throughout our work together, Massimo has been an excellent translator and a dedicated and efficient professional as well as a courteous and cooperative team member.”

Petra M.Kotek, Account Executive, M2 Enterprises, USA

“I have worked with Massimo on many occasions throughout my career in the translation industry; while I was employed at WeLocalize (M2 Enterprises), NetworkOmni and later at ProTranslating. I have worked with many translators over the years and Massimo has always been a key part of our resource pool. His reliability, professionalism and quality of work has always made him a top resource for Italian translations. When a translation comes back from Massimo you can be assured that it is a job well done. I would recommend Massimo for translation without hesitation.”

Anne-Margaret Sirgany, Project Manager, M2 Enterprises, USA

“I worked with Massimo while I worked at M2 Limited, and recruited him as an expert Italian linguist for website and software localization projects. I highly recommend his work because of his thoroughness and subject-matter expertise. He is also technically adept, which is a prerequisite when dealing with the demands of localization projects. Another plus of working with him is that I enjoyed his upbeat attitude, as well as his prompt responses to my requests. If you work with him, then you will appreciate his professionalism as well as his approachable manner, which makes discussing business matters all the easier.”

Tahmena Rauf, Project Manager, M2 Enterprises, USA

“We at Choice Language Services have contracted the translation services of Massimo on a number of occasions during the past year or so. He has assisted us with some of the most important and prestigious clients with whom we have the pleasure of doing regular business, and he has always made us look good by carrying out his job in the most professional and diligent manner. We consider Massimo to be among the select few translators we always turn to for ‘first refusal work’ and have always found him to be accommodating and helpful. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation that needed an accurate, professional, high-quality translation within a reasonable deadline.”

Mike Taylor, Director, Choice Language Services, UK

“We have come to know Massimo Vangelista as one of the best out of the 100 freelance translators that we work with at Scriptware. He excels in terms of deadlines and quality and takes a very professional interest in each translation he does for us. Furthermore, he does not let himself be fended off with a half answer to questions concerning the subject matter or content. He digs in there and is well equipped with the tools of the trade to deliver a top-quality job on time, every time.”

Cris Gale, Operations Manager, Scriptware BV, The Netherlands

“We have always been extremely happy with Massimo’s translation services both in terms of quality and adherence to deadlines. Massimo has also always been a pleasure to work with.”

Matthew McEnery, HR Manager, Merrill Brink, Ireland

“Massimo is a very knowledgeable, precise, and fast translator and a pleasure to work with. He is an expert in digital media, writes with a very clean and consistent style, and always delivers on or ahead of time. He is on my short list for any digital audio / video, music-related Italian translation projects, and a valuable member of any technical translation team.”

Stephan Cochron, Cakewalk, USA

“Without any reservations, I highly recommend Mr Massimo Vangelista for translation work into Italian. He has proven to be accurate, reliable and always on time. We have been completely satisfied with his work.”

Art Mayer, Managing Director, A&A Language Services, USA

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Massimo over the past two years in my position as Senior Project Manager. Massimo is truly a professional translator, who has always produced high-quality translations within our deadlines.”

Brian Fukuma, Senior Project Manager, eWebTranslator Inc., USA

“We have worked with many translators and count ourselves fortunate indeed to have secured the assistance of Massimo. His professionalism results in him standing head and shoulders above most other translators. He has frequently gone far beyond his brief by giving us excellent supportive guidance and suggestions that have considerably strengthened our profile in Italy. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation that needs high-quality results every time!!”

Brian Griffin, HR Manager, Business in English, UK

“Mr. Vangelista is a reliable and pleasant freelance translator to work with. A first class professional.”

Rudi Davidson des Celles, Scriptware BV, The Netherlands