I work with the written word

providing British and American English to Italian translations for the information technology and telecommunication sectors

My specialist fields:

  • Hardware/software
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Telecommunications
  • Music equipment
  • Audio systems
  • Computer music
  • Market research questionnaires
  • Marketing

I can help you with English to Italian translations of:

  • software and hardware manuals and books
  • technical manuals (engineering and electronics)
  • technical drawings
  • research papers
  • product specifications
  • market research questionnaires
  • media and promotional texts
  • audio scripts
  • correspondence
  • legal agreements
  • corporate brochures and literature
  • presentations

I also provide transcription and translation of audio recordings

Can’t find your type of document in the list above?

Don’t worry, it’s not exhaustive. Just get in touch to let me know more about your project.

With more than ten years’ experience, the chances are that I will be able to handle your document and provide you with a quote. However, if I if find that I am not able to complete the job, I will be more than happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.


Need translations in another language?

I can help you there, too.
Over the years, I have built up a team of experienced colleagues I feel confident in recommending.

If it would make you feel happier, I can also handle the overall project for you.

My clients include:

Microsoft, IBM, HP, Symantec,Sun Microsystems, Intel, Yahoo!, Dell, Alcatel, Sonic Telecom, Eicon Technology, M-Audio, Philips, Samsung, Casio, UAL, Atlas Software, Sabre, Intralox, Kawasaki and Sokkia.

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